Golden Gate Bridge Sunset & Night Photography Walk in San Francisco

$ 248.00

In this private / small group workshop, you will learn how to identify the best vantage point to photograph landscape, how to apply the most appropriate camera settings in different light conditions.  

This workshop will last for up to 7 hours (depending on the season and duration of day light) and will take place in or near San Francisco, California.  



  • Trip starts from Crissy Field at 3pm.  Day walk along Crissy Field, Fort Point to Baker Beach.
  • Sunset or long exposure photography.  Possible locations at Baker / Marshall Beach, Marin Headlands or Twin Peaks (depending on fog and weather condition)
  • Night photography of Palace of Fine Arts
  • We won't plan big dinner/restaurant stop so feel free to bring snacks.  A small / quick food/drink stop could be made if necessary.

All levels of amateur photographers are welcome.  You need to bring the following as a requirement.  Everyone will receive a free eBook of "Ultimate Buying Guide For Your Landscape Photography Trip" after sign up, in case you are not sure what equipment (eg. tripod, lens and other accessories) to bring.  If you don't yet own these equipment, you can borrow or rent.  

  • Camera and lens
  • Camera memory card
  • Extra camera battery
  • Tripod
  • Shutter release remote control
  • A head-lamp
  • Wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes

For each workshop, we will have anywhere between 1 - 10 people.  Meal, food and transportation are not provided.  When there is a group inquiry, car pool arrangement can be made but is not required.  It is highly recommended that you request your date of preference and get my availability confirmation before signing up.  



Past Workshop Testimonial

"In June 2014, I had a business trip to San Francisco. I decided to set aside one day for a city photo trip. I check out with some of my local friends, they highly recommended Belinda Shi, an accomplised photographer and photo coach in town.  After I browsed her website, I signed up her one day photo trip. It turned out to be an exceptional learning experience and one of the highlights during my stay in San Francisco.

I loved taking photos for many years with advanced equipments, such as Canon 5D Mark III and most of red-circle Canon L lenses from 16-35mm up to 70-200mm.  From time to time, I also took some great pictures praised by family and friends.  I also bought a lot of books to study and imitate some of the techniques. I think I am quite established as an experienced photographer.

To my surprise, during this one day trip, I learned a lot I should have known before or some basic technique I need to practice more. For instance, I got to know how to get right exposure by using exposure locked-in function before I shot for AF and composition, also how to use LCD display function to set camera horizontally in the tripod.

I did not quite often use tripod and long-time exposure for scenery photo shooting.  Belinda taught me every single step to get a right exposure and composition before and during the sunset that she called golden hours. I took the best picture in my life and capture the beautiful moment of Golden Gate Bridge during sunset.

Belinda is a very smart and bright girl, she used to be a management consultant. She knows how to get things simplified and communicate with clarity. I enjoyed my one-day trip with her and would like to get in touch with her when I come to San Francisco next time, either for an advanced class or a longer trip."

- Kefei Zou


"After the fully relaxing Blue Lagoon spa in capital of Iceland to wash off all the fatigue and muscle sore, I can sit comfortably in my hotel lobby with a cup of Earl Grey on hand now, and reflect what I have gained in this six day Aurora Borealis Photography Trip.

I have been a photography hobbyist for more than a decade, with 3 generations of SLRs and a lot of lens in collection, I have invested a lot of money and committed tons of time to learn photography. I have even ventured into understanding all the puzzling techniques and terms of photography, for instance, color temperature, which is different and even reverse of people's common understanding of warm and cool color in painting. Well, at the end, all these knowledge did not help me too much: occasionally I shot one or two nice photos with luck, but most of the time, my aspiration for better photo shooting stagnated, and was very frustrating.

Belinda Shi, a former management consultant turned professional photographer, did not teach anything dramatically new: rather, she puts all her personal experiences into a systematic and easy to understand framework, and showed us in real practice on how to plan, photograph, and process a good picture. In our small 7 people group, there were also complete amateurs who used SLR the first time in their lives, but simply by following Belinda's instruction, they have shot amazing pictures of mountains under sunset, waterfalls with silk-like touch, and the medallion photo, the great shots of Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.  I myself, however, with prejudice of my own experiences, faired below my fellow members.  Still, the trip greatly enhanced my skills, techniques, and offered me a system of tools that I can immediately put into use in the next photography trip. Well, the least, if your goal is to have a few nice photos to hang in your office or home for envy of your fellow colleagues and friends, it's a safe bet that you'll get that.

If I had the opportunity for such a trip and field course ten years ago, it would have saved my time for many detours, and even money for investment in equipments that turned out not the right ones for my purpose.  After all, what can be more fun and better to learn from the real master?  I found myself, with a little guilt, already look forward to the next trip with Belinda!"

- Dr. Fei He, 2014 Iceland Workshop Participant

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