The Fast Track of Adobe Lightroom Workflow - Video Tutorial

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Do you take too many photos but don't know how to manage them?

Do you have too many photos on your hard drive but don't know how to organize, sort through them quickly and clean them up?

Would you like to retouch or enhance your photos but don't know how?

Have you already tried to learn from other books or tutorials? Do you feel overloaded with information? And simply don't know where to start?

Are you overwhelmed with the time involved in photo organization and retouching, and would like to significantly speed up the process?

If any of the above sounds familiar, you will find an answer today.


The Fast Track of Adobe Lightroom Workflow Video Tutorial is designed to help you, no matter with or without prior Adobe Lightroom experience, to efficiently organize and retouch your photos.


How is this course different from other Adobe Lightroom tutorials?

This course is organized by the exact steps I follow after years of refining my own post processing workflow. It is highly recommended that you follow the sequence of the lectures and understand the right workflow that will significantly save you time.

This course is not another comprehensive explanation of all the tools and buttons you can find in Adobe Lightroom. Rather, it outlines the most essential tools that an efficient photographer adopts to perfect and manage photos.

All the tools covered in the tutorial are in the Library and Develop modules in Adobe Lightroom. Why don't I cover other Lightroom modules such as Book, Slideshow, Print, Web? Because after spending years building all my own websites, printing professional photo books and prints for clients, I have found better tools that are more cost and time efficient. I only want to share with you the best of Adobe Lightroom, and its most powerful, user friendly modules that outperform many other popular photo softwares. I'm confident you'll find out why.

Your purchase will include 13 videos and a pdf file

Course Introduction (video - 1:37)

Lecture 1: How to Import From Your Camera Memory Card (video - 5:47)

Lecture 2: How to Import From Your Hard Drive (video - 2:57)

Lecture 3: How to Screen & Select Photos For Easy Sorting (video - 7:13)

Lecture 4: How to Retouch Your Landscape Photos With Using Magic Light Landscape Workflow Presets (video - 14:35)

Lecture 5: How to Get The Right Exposure, Clarity & Finetune Partial Image With A Brush (video - 8:54)

Lecture 6: How to Judge The Right Level Of Contrast & Remove Object On An Image (video - 9:09)

Lecture 7: How to Crop Image, Level The Horizon, Correct Lens Distortion & Modify Colors (video - 5:52)

Lecture 8: How To Keep Workspace Clean And Efficient (video - 9:54)

Lecture 9: How to Build A Photo Collection (video - 7:31)

Lecture 10: How to Sort & Locate Your Photos In A Large Database (video - 4:52)

Lecture 11: How to Name Your Files In A Systematic Approach & Export Photos For Print Or Online Sharing (video - 17:50)

Bonus PDF file: BIG TIME SAVER - 22 Top Recommended Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts (pdf file)

Thank You & Wrap Up (video 0:50)


How do I get these videos?

After your check out, you will immediately receive an email with the access code to the video links and watch them online.    

If you prefer to watch these videos offline, you also have the option to download these videos.  Download links will be provided in the same email.  Total length of all the videos is about 2 hours and total download size (videos plus pdf) is 4.13 GB.  Due to the large file size, it is recommended that you leave the computer on overnight to download the file, so it doesn't affect your bandwidth to use internet.


Learn what other photographers are saying:

"As a new user of Adobe Lightroom, I have found the ‘Lightroom Complete Workflow Tutorial’ by Belinda Shi to be of immense help in understanding many of the nuances of Lightroom. I have two books that I have tried to wade through but found them difficult to understand at times. Watching these tutorials has simplified the learning process by presenting the most important and useful information in a concise and easy to understand manner. Highly recommend these tutorials and have used her presets for my own work."
- Ronald Varley, RDVPhotography


100% Risk-Free 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try The Fast Track of Adobe Lightroom Workflow Video Tutorial for 60 DAYS, and if you don’t feel like you have improved or accelerated your workflow, you’ll get 100% of your money back.  Just contact me here and I’ll refund your money immediately.  No questions asked. You keep all the videos.  You’re going to love this set of video tutorials, I’m that confident!




What is required to apply the tutorial tips?
All the features introduced in the tutorial work with both Adobe Lightroom 4, 5 and 6.  You can purchase the latest Adobe Lightroom software here, or get a free 30-day trial on the Adobe website.

How long does it take to download?
It depends on your internet.  Total download size is 4.13GB.  It is highly recommended that you leave your computer on overnight to download all these videos so it doesn't slow down your other work.

Do I have to be an advanced Adobe Lightroom user in order to benefit from these video tutorials?
Not at all.  In fact the tutorials are very easy to follow - you need no prior Lightroom knowledge.  

I am an advanced Lightroom user and a professional landscape photographer, will I benefit from these video tutorials? 
Absolutely.  This video tutorial series will simplify your workflow and expedite your post processing, especially if you are a high volume photographer.  If your average retouching time is more than 10 seconds per photo, and your average post processing for a day's shoot from beginning to finish is more than an hour, you can definitely benefit from these video tutorials, and learn the efficient approach of post processing workflow.

I am interested in Lightroom presets in addition to these video tutorials, can I purchase the presets separately?
Yes.  You can purchase the presets HERE.

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