Lightroom Presets - Creative Mood Portrait Workflow Presets

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What are the Creative Mood Portrait Workflow Presets?

This is a collection of presets organized in 8 sequence independent workflow steps.  With only 38 presets, you can achieve hundreds of artistic tones and mood effects, and much more retouching results.   

What is this preset collection best used for?

  • Portrait and lifestyle photography, travel blogs
  • Including but not limited to the following scenarios (see demo photos)
    • Row 1: travel blogger, lifestyle, baby portrait portfolio
    • Row 2: closeup
    • Row 3: indoor portrait
    • Row 4: backlit
    • Row 5: tungsten lighting
    • Row 5: beach
    • Row 6: outdoor cloudy/shade
    • Row 7: outdoor woods/forest
    • Row 8: outdoor mountain/rocks
    • Row 9: outdoor harsh light
    • Row 10: clean up colors
    • Row 11: Jpegs

Why do you want to use the Creative Mood Portrait Workflow Presets?

  • Professional quality: this collection allows you to turn your ordinary portraits into eye catching images.  You can professionally edit your portrait without any prior Adobe Lightroom experience. For so many times, it miraculously changed my bad images from trash to the liked
  • Flexibility and control: Although each preset provides one-click adjustment to your image, you can mix and match several presets in different workflow steps to achieve your own retouching result.  It gives you more control over the result you want, and allows you to unleash your own creative potential
  • Simple to use and a big time saver
    • Easy correction of common problems, such as wrong exposure, image looks too cluttered due to messy colors or background, main subject does not pop
    • Easy enhancement of image mood: Various atmospheric toning designed to enhance creative mood, and evoke feelings
  • Versatile: these presets have been tested on a variety of images I took over the past 10 years, images taken by beginner to advanced DSLR cameras, in RAW or JPEG, and in different lighting condition, background etc. They are versatile and are suited for any picture
  • Non destructive: with different workflow steps, you can choose to restore your image partially or 100% to its original state
  • Dynamic styles: you can choose your favorite mix of presets to edit your images in a cohesive and consistent style.  This is helpful for building a unique online portfolio for your website or social media sharing.  Even others are using this same preset collection, they can completely build a different style.

What will you get?

  • 15 essential presets to fix common problems such as exposure, contrast and make main subject pop
  • 23 creative tone and color adjustment presets to increase mood and artistic effects
  • Text instruction on how to install and use presets (pdf) 

Note: Only one preset out of the entire collection requires Adobe Lightroom Classic, the latest version of Adobe Lightroom.  It is a contrasting effect and will not affect the use of any other presets.

What types of editing style can you achieve?

Statistically, you can achieve over 50,000 editing results by mix-and-matching the presets in different steps.  

    Copyright & Terms of Use

    The digital presets and products on this site are copyright protected.   Your purchase grants you one individual license to use our product for personal or professional reasons.  You may not in any way share, copy, loan, give away, distribute or sell any of these files to another individual, organization or other legal entity.  All our legal rights are strictly enforced.

    Refund Policy

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    What's required to use these presets?

    Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, Classic or CC (as noted above, only one preset out of the entire collection requires Adobe Lightroom Classic, the newest Lightroom version.  It will not affect the use of any other presets).  You can purchase the latest Adobe Lightroom software here, or get a free trial on the Adobe website

    You have read the copyright information and agreed to the terms of use above

    Do I have to be an advanced Adobe Lightroom user in order to benefit from the Creative Mood Portrait Workflow Presets?

    Not at all.  In fact these presets are so easy to use - you need no Lightroom knowledge to use any of these presets. 

    What's the major difference between the Creative Mood Portrait Workflow Presets and many other one-click presets I can find in the market? 

    The Creative Mood Portrait Workflow Presets allow you to create your own retouching result by mix-and-matching presets in up to 8 workflow steps (I typically use 4-6 for my own photos).  You can technically achieve over 50,000 results from this short list of 38 workflow presets.  It gives you more control over the result you want. 

    At first glance, it’s not as fast as all one-click presets.  However, many one-click presets are pre-designed for certain lighting scenarios or photo styles, and still require you to fine-tune your images with additional adjustments.  With this collection of workflow presets, you can make additional adjustment by clicking the presets in different workflow steps.  99% of my images do not need any outside clicks (see example photos - none required additional adjustment outside the presets).

    Do I have to shoot RAW?

    These presets work with RAW and JPEG files.  However RAW is recommended.


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